Sleeping masks/Packs what are they?

Laneige water sleeping mask

Laneige water sleeping mask 05Give me more, give me more are the first words that comes to mind. I don’t know how anybody can say they don’t like these products. Going to sleep in a mask and waking up feeling soft and hydrated. To me, this is just an amazing group of products.

And again the Koreans were the first.

When a lot of people think about a facial mask they think about a clay mask that hardens on your skin and if you smile it really cracks. These masks are as far from that as possible. A sleeping mask is mainly a cream with a lot of goodies inside it. You use it as you last step. That is after you regular facial cream. When starting with the Korean routine it can feel really weird slapping on all these products, but is really amazing for the skin and I can’t imagine anyone testing the routine, going back to the old ways. If you are completely new to Korean skincare routine this could be a really good group of products to start with.

Laneige lip sleeping mask
Laneige lip sleeping mask

So what is a sleeping mask

It is mainly a moisturizing treatment for your skin.

Moisture is necessary for all skin types. Just because you have oily complexion it doesn’t mean that you skin is moisturized. You can still have dry skin.

Mizon good night white sleeping mask
Mizon good night white sleeping mask

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If your skin lacks moisture (not oil) your wrinkles will be more visible and of course we don’t want that. Sleeping masks comes in many price ranges, and I will review some for you. So far I tested two and I am simply hooked on both.

A sleeping mask isn’t something you need to use but for a dry complexion it is a really nice addition to the skincare routine. I use it about twice a week, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on my skin.

Missha sleeping mask
Missha sleeping mask

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