Etude house play 101 multi color stick review

Etude House Play 101 Multi Color Stick


7,5 g
They come in different colors, and there are also highlighter and shading colors
Multi color sticks comes in 6 shades
10 highlighter
11 shading
12 coral peach
13 rose gold
14 purple
15 orange
~10 USD

Etude house play 101 multi color stick
Nr 12 Coral peach
Etude house play 101 multi color stick
Nr 14 Purple

How to apply

Apply with the stick and then blend with your fingers. Be careful using nr 14, it is a strong color and it is easy but I don’t look very nice to overdo it. The product can be used on the lids, on the cheeks or on the lips, so it is a multi-functional item

Etude house play 101 multi color stick
Swatch nr 14
Etude house play 101 multi color stick
Swatch nr 12

My thoughts on the Etude House Play 101 Multi Color Stick

Ohhh my, I want them all. I have two of these and they are just amazing. The shades I have are coral peach (12) and purple (14), these colors are perfect as a blush and on the lips. I have not yet tried them on the lids. But I just love them as a blush really. They are really creamy and they blend easy, but don’t wait too long before blending it in. The color stays all day on my skin so I am super happy with it.  I do prefer blush in cream form and that is probably due to that I have really dry skin and powders tend to make my skin drier.

A creamy product is always better when you get older, due to that the skin becomes drier as you get older. I am really keen on the color rose gold, but I am not sure it will be such a great blush because it has shimmer in it.

I give this product 7/7

Where to get it


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