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Maria Åkerberg Shampoo Lemongrass review

Maria Åkerberg Shampoo Lemongrass

This is an organic and sulphate free shampoo so you need to wash your hair twice to get your hair clean. The first wash is basically to clean the scalp and remove products you been adding to your hair, and the second step truly cleans the hair. You will see a difference in the amount of lather between the first and second time you wash.

Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask: review

Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask

This one I am really not very fond of. The mask contains alcohol, which is a big no no for my skin. some products which contains alcohol works ok on my skin but most times my skin really hates it. There is no difference with this product. It actually even smells alcohol, which according to some is a good thing. To me it is just not very nice. The smell of alcohol is so strong (I have a sensitive nose) that I actually can’t smell anything else. I do know that some say the smell lavender, but I simply don’t.

Graymelin Foot Butter Heel & Elbow Balm review

Graymelin Foot Butter Heel & Elbow Balm

Graymelin Foot Butter Heel & Elbow Balm is a cream that can be used for all those dry hard surfaces. The only place I have that problem is on my feet but I do know that a lot of people have problems on their elbows as well, and this product is perfect to use on all of these areas.

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