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Clio Water Me Please BB Cream review

CLIO Water Me Please BB Cream

This BB cream has really great moisturizing properties. I feel that this BB cream will work great on skin types that are on the oilier side as well. It only comes in one shade but it does oxidize to match my skin tone, but I usually add a few drops of a darker shade just to get a perfect match.

Skinfood milk shake point makeup remover review

Skinfood milk shake point makeup remover

This makeup remover is the first step in removing makeup, that is before using oil cleanser and foam cleanser (if you follow the Korean skincare routine that is). I really recommend everyone that uses eye makeup to remove that makeup before removing foundation with a normal cleanser.
If you are looking for the eye makeup remover that simply is amazing, this is the one.

Proud Mary A.C Cure Spot Solution review

Proud Mary A.C Cure Spot Solution

This is a spot treatment product, which means that when you have a pimple you should apply this product on the pimple and the pimple will heal faster.

I very seldom get pimples but when I do I really want them to go away as fast as possible. I usually apply this product when I feel a pimple is coming and depending on when I apply it, the pimple starts to reduce.

[JOLSE] ACONCEPT A: Shape of My Face Triple Contour: review

ACONCEPT A: Shape of My Face Triple Contour

This is a triple contour product, which means it has three different shades. The colors are really nice for contouring if you don’t have darker skin tones. For me, the shades are nice, but still a little too light for my liking. I do usually use a very light contour, since I do like the natural look on my face. But I wouldn’t recommend this if you have darker complexion like medium towards dark.

Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask: Deep review

I won this sheet mask in a giveaway and I was so happy when I got them. I have heard so many great things about the brand so I was really looking forward in using it.

The sheet mask itself is made of cotton, and it feels very soft and nice on the skin. It is on the thicker side of masks, but it really doesn’t bother me. I feel that when they are on the thicker side they are much easier to handle.