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What are snail products?

Mizon snail repair eye cream

Snail products So what are snail products and do we really need them. How weird is this, lets slime our faces folks. I bet no one thought they would actually use snail slime on their skin, but now it is a fact. I use snail products daily and really think these products are great. So …

What are whitening products?

Ost C20 serum

Whitening products The first time I came across the word was actually in Africa, Kenya (as an exchange student and later on doing my master thesis in biology/ethology) and I really thought it was strange and I really didn’t and don’t get it. When I then came across the word again, but in Korean beauty …

What is a BB cream

Missha magic bb cushion

What is a BB cream BB stands for blemish balm or blemish base. Asian BB creams To start with one must differ between Asian BB creams and the rest of the world. The first bb creams was created by dermatologists in South Korea in 1985 and the purpose was to treat and protect the skin …