Pink Bird: Etude House dear darling water gel tint review

Etude House dear darling water gel tint
Etude House dear darling water gel tint


6 shades
4,5 g
6-9 USD

These products were sent to me from Etude House as I have been a part of their blogging program Pink Bird for 6 months.

Read about my experience working with them here.

Etude House dear darling water gel tint

My thoughts on Etude House dear darling water gel tint

I received three colors of these tints, and really colors I like and will be able to use a lot. The colors I got was

Shark Red (RD306), Watermelon Red (RD307) and Apricot Red (OR205)

The packaging is just the cutest ever and I really like it a lot. It just feels like they did that little extra again. This is a part of their summer collection and is there any better way of presenting a tint in form of an ice cream? I just think they look really amazing. The packaging is very sturdy and feels like a quality packaging so negativity on that part😊. They all smell the same, which is sweet and fruity.

Etude House dear darling water gel tint

The applicator is a normal doe foot applicator with a hole in the middle (which makes the doe foot hold a lot of product).

They are easy to apply on the lips, but there is a lot of product on the brush from the beginning, so be sure to start applying from the center of your lips to avoid too much product at the edges of the lips. I don’t know why, but these applicators always tickle on my lips. But hey, then applying with a smile😊.Etude House dear darling water gel tint

The taste of it is really awful, like normal when it comes to tints. But since these takes so long to dry, it is almost impossible to avoid the taste.

The formula never seems to dry completely on my lips, so there is a stickiness to it, even after a long time on the lips, which I really don’t like in a tint. This is because of the formula of the tint, it is supposed to be moisturizing.

The formula is supposed to be moisturizing, but I really can’t say that it is. It doesn’t feel like my lips gets dryer when I use it, but I do want to apply lip balm over just because of the stickiness. But I can tell you that it isn’t as drying as a lot of other tints.

Etude House dear darling water gel tint
Applicator Etude House dear darling water gel tint

I really recommend exfoliating your lips (if they are dry) before applying. everything just looks so much better when the lip is exfoliated. Either you do this with a towel, just rubbing your lips, or you can use a lip peeling if you have one.

The lasting power is not that great on me, it lasts about two hours if I don’t drink or eat. When I do drink it disappears rather quickly. But I did expect that since the formula is gel like.

Swatches daylight Etude House dear darling water gel tint
Swatches daylight Etude House dear darling water gel tint. From Left to right Apricot Red (OR205) Watermelon Red (RD307) and Shark Red (RD306).


The colors are really strong and lovely, and you can add another layer for that strong lip.

I really would love to have them all, but since I stopped buying Etude House products after this program, for the lack of communication from Etude House, I will manage without them.

I give these products 4/7

Where to get it

BB cosmetics
8% discount by using this code A6OG7773V8Z



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