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Innisfree its real squeeze mask in blackberry


Its real masks come in 16 different types.
All skin types
20 ml serum
3 masks 4,30 USD

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

How to use it

After washing your face, apply toner. Then apply the mask and leave it on for 10-20 minutes (I leave it on way longer than that, but at least leave it on for 20 minutes). Remove the mask and pat in the product that is left on you face. Then continue with your routine.

Innisfree its real squeeze mask
Innisfree its real squeeze mask

My thoughts on Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask in black berry

Sheet masks are one of my favorite products to use just because the feeling when taking it off, is just amazing, and you feel that your skin is so satisfied.

This is so far, my favorite one. The black berry version is a moisturizing mask, and my skin is still happy in the mornings after using this one.

Just a warning, it does contain alcohol. If you have really sensitive skin, test it out for 10 minutes the first time. My skin is super dry and I usually stay away from alcohol. This one doesn’t affect me in a negative way.

Innisfree its real squeeze mask
Innisfree its real squeeze mask

The mask doesn’t claim to do much more than to moisturize the skin, and it really succeeds in doing that.
The fit of it is ok, I have large eyes, and usually that is a problem are for me, since the holes for the eyes are too small, but still it is ok.

The essence of the mask is milky white and quite thick. It won’t drip too much when having it on your face, but still it is a good idea to lay down and relax.
It has a scent that is a bit perfumey, I’d rather have it smell like berries. But overall the scent doesn’t bother me even though I have the mask on for quite some time.

When I use some masks, it feels like they dry very fast. When they dry it is a good idea to remove the mask. This one doesn’t and feels really wet on the skin for a long time. And when I take my mask off, my skin is really wet. I guess this means that since the essence is so thick, it takes a little longer time for it to completely penetrate the skin. After taking the mask off I usually spend some time massaging, and patting the product into my skin. It will take some time before the essence has penetrated completely, so I would recommend to wait a while before you add your moisturizer.

Always have this one in my stash

I give this product 6/7


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