Makeup revolution ultra contour palette review

Makeup revolution ultra contour palette

I would like to clarify that this is not a Korean product. And I will also do reviews on products from other parts of the world.
This is a really great palette and I really don’t see the reason for spending too much money on this kind of product when you can find one this cheap.
All the powders are really soft and easy to blend, and the texture is almost creamy.

Update on Missha perfect cover BB cream

missha perfect cover bb cream

I got the information from Missha that they actually have another shade that’s called 29. It is a new shade and you won’t find it in all stores. You can find it at Misshas German and Baltic pages, and of course you can order from there. I do not know if they will have it at the normal stores I buy from (probably not).

Banila Co clean it zero review

banila co clean it zero

This is a really popular cleanser worldwide and I totally get it. This is a great cleanser and it feels so nice on the skin. It takes away most of my makeup and I am super happy with it. I have really dry skin and the feeling after washing it off is nice and my skin doesn’t feel stripped of all its moisture. But still it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy.

What is Velcro hair stickers?

Velcro hair stickers

First time i saw these on Ebay I simply did not get it. Why and what is that. And are you actually supposed to walk outside with those attached to your hair. I just thought they looked completely weird.

You get 10 for about 1 USD, but they are washable and will last you a very long time

Missha perfect cover BB cream review

missha perfect cover bb cream

Ohhh Missha, but why do you need your great products to be so strongly scented.

I don’t know if it is I that is very sensitive to these scents, but I have written a review on their BB boomer also and that smell just overwhelms me. When I use these two products together I can’t stand the smell. But I have read quite many reviews on this and I have not seen anyone pointing out the scent, so the problem is for sure me and my nose.