Whamisa organic flowers eye essence review

Whamisa organic flowers eye essence

I really can’t say that I think it does magic for my under-eye area and I really don’t expect any eye cream to do magic despite on what they “claim”. If an under eye area is moisturized it will look way better then if it is dry. The lines will simply appear smaller when your skin is happier. If this one helps you then keep on using it. I just don’t think we are supposed to expect miracles from a product no matter the price of it.  it still doesn’t mean that I don’t like the product at all. I simply like it as a moisturizing under eye cream. I am getting older, and my wrinkles are getting deeper, that is simply life and gravity😊

Clio Healing bird shampoo review

Clio Healing bird shampoo

This is a really nice shampoo. I always have a problem with shampoos since I have dry scalp, dry hair dry skin and I do think you get the point by now. The only thing that isn’t dry on me is my personality😊.

Pyunkang Yul Butter Cream first impression

Pyunkang Yul Butter Cream

I received 3 samples of this and figured I at least could do a first impression on it. I have super dry skin and always needs to add moisture. I always tend to go back to the same solution over and over again and that is aloe vera gel. But now I am happy to say that I can try something new to see if it measures up to my regular products.

Glossybox August 2018

Glossybox August 2018

Glossybox August 2018 Sweden is a subscription box with different products for you to try. There is a mix between skincare and makeup and this time I was really excited about the box.

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