What is a BB cream

Missha magic bb cushion

The first bb creams was created by dermatologists in South Korea in 1985 and the purpose was to treat and protect the skin after skin surgery, not only to hide the marks but also to treat the skin. Celebrities started using them due to that the skin looked

flawless and natural and then it began. Most of the BB creams you find in Europe does not compare to the ones from Asia.

Brushes from ebay seller asphone

Ebay brushes

I love using brushes for my makeup, and I love a brush that is cheap but still does the job. These are copies and not the real deal.
Again I will just emphasize that they are not the real ones but copies from China.
I love these, they are really great quality for the prize and I really don’t see the need to buy super expensive brushes when I really like these ones. I have tried several different from ebay, and sometimes they are really crappy and sometimes they are really great.

Mini haul Beautynetkorea

Holika holika daily garden cleansing foam

One of my favorite stores ever. They have fast shipping, free shipping, great prizes and fairly many products to choose from. is Beautynetkorea

Makeup revolution ultra contour palette review

Makeup revolution ultra contour palette

I would like to clarify that this is not a Korean product. And I will also do reviews on products from other parts of the world.
This is a really great palette and I really don’t see the reason for spending too much money on this kind of product when you can find one this cheap.
All the powders are really soft and easy to blend, and the texture is almost creamy.

Update on Missha perfect cover BB cream

missha perfect cover bb cream

I got the information from Missha that they actually have another shade that’s called 29. It is a new shade and you won’t find it in all stores. You can find it at Misshas German and Baltic pages, and of course you can order from there. I do not know if they will have it at the normal stores I buy from (probably not).