Pink Bird review, Dear darling soda tint

The dear darling soda tint

These tints came in February’s Pink Bird box from Etude House.
7,5g of product
Dear darling soda tint in colors PK001 and BL601

Dear darling soda tint
PK 001
Dear darling soda tint
BL 601

These tints are not tints in my eyes, merely lip glosses instead. They do tint the lip but they take such a long time to set, that it feels like all the products are gone. And I am left with a pinkish tint.

The packaging is great, it feels nice, looks nice and simply a great packaging. The product smells amazing, they smell like candy and what else to expect with that theme.

My thoughts on Dear darling soda tint

The whole range of shades are really great, but the once I got are not what I would have picked. The first color PK001 is a bright pink with blue undertones, the color is great if you like those colors. For me it is too strong, and I would have preferred the once more towards the warmer sides. I do think the color is really beautiful, but not on me.

Dear darling soda tint

The other color BL601 is a bluish-purple color that turns into a bluish pink with a lot of sparkle. This one I do see myself using a lot. But again, these are more gloss like then tint like to me. When first putting it on it looks like a sheer gloss, and a few minutes later, the color comes out.

The tints are really moisturizing, they don’t dry my lips at all (again, more like a gloss).

I do like the applicator, it is a doe foot type but with a different shape.

Dear darling soda tint
The BL 601 has changed to the color it gets on the lips, this is about 30 min after applying.

They are easy to apply and the formula goes on smoothly. I would shake them up a little before applying, just to mix all the sparkle around.

Dear darling soda tint
Smudging 30 min after applying

They do claim that these are smudge proof, but nope. The smudging is 30 min after applying. So maybe it is just my lips (or hands) as the picture.

They are somewhat easy to remove. The first layer is, but I do still see the tint left on my lip, so it does stain my lips even though it feels like a gloss. (I am really getting you confused aren’t I? well at least I get myself confused).

But still these are really great products and I would absolutely recommend them.

I give this product 4/7

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