Pink bird first impression Soon Jung pH 5.5 relief toner, Pure love or not?

These products were sent to me by Etude House for review purposes
I am a member of their pink bird program

I decided not to take photos of the product it self, because it really looks like water and a picture wouldn’t give you much information.


Soon Jung translated, means pure love (the question is if the product is getting that from me)
Regular size is 180 ml I got a sample size of 15 ml
All skin types and sensitive skin
Can be soaked in a cotton pad or sheet mask

Ingredient analysis: Sincarisma

Etude House Soon Jung

Etude House Soon Jung trial kit, the toner is the clear bottle


Reduce skin irritations
Heal damaged skin

How to apply

Add some product in the palm of your hands or on a cotton pad and disperse over your face. Then pat in the product.

My thoughts on Soon Jung pH 5.5 relief toner

I am only making a first impression of this due to that I simply think that there isn’t enough product in a sample to give an honest review of it. Therefor a first impression is more suited.

The toner has no smell, which is a huge plus for me. I am really not a fan of scented products. I really think that when you have so many products on your face, body, hair etc., and everything has a scent. Then you add perfume on that and maybe you have scented fabric softener as well. It is just totally overwhelming. Bare in mind that I might have a sensitive nose?.

This toner is very liquid and transparent, it feels more or less like water. It absorbs rather quick and it doesn’t leave any sticky feeling on my skin. I really don’t feel that it does much on my skin at all. I have super dry skin and I love for my toners to be somewhat moisturizing and this is not. If you have oily or normal skin, you might feel satisfied after using it.

I have two other toners from Etude House that I simply love (Collagen freshener and skin mal gem) but this is more like aha, and what’s next feeling.

The claims of this product are impossible to test. The claims being, reduce skin irritation and heal damaged skin. These two claims really take time to change, and there is simply not enough product to make that change on my skin. Therefor I simply can’t say anything about that.

The toner isn’t drying on my skin but it is not moisturizing either so I really am conflicted about what this one does on my skin. The feeling is more that I add something in my routine just because I am supposed to. Usually with Korean toners (like the once mentioned above) the skin really feels great after just applying it. But this one, does not give me that feeling.

Where to get it


Etude House

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