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Innisfree Jeju perfumed hand cream Peony review

Innisfree Jeju Perfumed Hand Cream in Peony

This product was a huge disappointment for me. I think I only seen one negative review of this (except this one).

First, I can at least tell you what is positive about this hand cream and that is the packaging. The packaging is cute, and has a flip cap that is really sturdy and wont break easily. The packaging is a great size so it is really easy to bring in once handbag.

So, let’s look at the negative aspects of this one.

Hand cream from Fascy, review

Fascy Moisture BOMB Hand Cream

I love my hand creams and I use a lot of them. I have really dry skin and my hands are to, so I simply need to maintain my hands as well as my face and body.

This hand cream is nothing special, it does what it is supposed to in the terms of moisturizing my hands. It penetrates rather quick and don’t seem to leave any stickiness after using. The scent is really strong and according to me, way too much.