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Pink bird review Etude House Look At My Eyes Milky Way eye shadows

Sparkling milky way

I really like these shadows. They are mainly easy to apply and are well pigmented. The purple one can become a little patchy but the brown came on really smoothly.
There will be some fallout when working with them, and the sparkle will transfer. I seem to get that with every shadow I use anyway so that is not a downside for me.
I really love the packaging, it is simply perfect.

If you never tried Aloe Vera gel, now is the time. Holika Holika aloe soothing gel

Holika Holika aloe vera gel

I am a total sucker for aloe Vera gel. The first time got in contact with this amazing product in Kenya as an exchange student there. I bought a tube and I have been hooked ever since.

This aloe gel is really amazing. It is really moisturizing and I use it on myself and on my kids and really aloe gel is all you need for your body. I use aloe gel for a lot of different things like…

The first box in the Pink Bird program, January 2017

Pink bird January 2017

A face towel, pink and with the text life is sweet on it
I leather or pleather mirror with the text life is sweet.
Precious mineral BB cream moist in the color
Any cushion color corrector in mint, which cancels out redness. I am red around my nose, cheeks and chin, so that was really perfect.
Look at my eyes sparkling milky way in the colors FL002 (PP513) and FK001 (BR428)

I am a Etude House pink bird member for the next 6 months

Etude House pink bird

Etude house searches for bloggers all over the world who will get a box with products. The products are chosen by Etude House to review. I do think they do this twice a year and every period lasts for 6 months. I applied and got chosen to be a new member of the pink bird bloggers program.

As a blogger, you are obligated to review the products you receive and of course the reviews are your own opinions. As a pink bird, you are not paid in any way except the products you get.

My second box from Mishibox January 2017

Mishibox January 2017

When I first got this I thought this one is never going to mist. Since the product really seems like a thick gel like product. And by experience when trying to squeeze out thick product from a spray nozzle, what usually happens is when you spray the mist just turns into a blob of product, and not a nice spray. Happily this was not the case with this product. When I sprayed it actually came out as a nice mist. So I am super excited to try this product out.