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Pink Bird review, Wonder fun lash perm curl-fix mascara

Wonder fun Lash perm curl-fix mascara

This is the first mascara I tried from Etude House, and I really like the formula of it. The color, not so much. I would have preferred the purple one, since I do feel that purple is more workable together with another product then turquoise.
It claims to hold curl for 24 hours and I really am not going to test that out, because I don’t want to sleep in my mascara

Pink Bird, Etude House Candy Highlighter review

Etude house Candy highlighter

I so wanted to like this, but I really don’t. I don’t think anyone should spend money on this highlighter because I just don’t think it is worth it
It has five pastel shades and you swirl the brush or applicator around in the pan to get all of the colors to mix.The product itself is very powdery and chalky.
When trying to apply this to my cheekbones I am not really sure if any product actually sticks where it is supposed to

Pink Bird review, Dear darling soda tint

Dear darling soda tint

These tints are not tints in my eyes, merely lip glosses instead. They do tint the lip but they take such a long time to set, that it feels like all the products are gone. And I am left with a pinkish tint.

The packaging is great, it feels nice, looks nice and simply a great packaging. The product smells amazing, they smell like candy and what else to expect with that theme.

Second Pink Bird box, February 2017 Unboxing

Pink bird February 2017

This is a really fun collection, hence the name. It is a colorful collection toward the pastel shades. Simply it is an amusement park themed collection and what could go wrong with that.Dear darling soda tint in colors PK001 and BL601
Candy highlighter
Highlighter brush
Lash perm curl fix in Swing in mint

Mishibox February 2017

Mishibox Feb 2017

A’pieu Non-latex blending puff
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