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Clio Healing bird shampoo review

Clio Healing bird shampoo

This is a really nice shampoo. I always have a problem with shampoos since I have dry scalp, dry hair dry skin and I do think you get the point by now. The only thing that isn’t dry on me is my personality😊.

Haul Urtekram

Haul Urtekram Shampoo aloe and Crystal deo aloe

This is my first time actually trying this brand. I have heard a lot about it before but simply never tried it. So I basically only bought two product that I needed to restock and I will begin exploring the brand with these two products and do full reviews when I tried them out thoroughly.

Maria Ã…kerberg Shampoo Nettle review

Maria Ã…kerberg Shampoo Nettle

This is an organic and sulphate free shampoo so you need to wash your hair twice to get your hair clean. The first wash is basically to clean the scalp and remove products you been adding to your hair like wax, hairspray etc. The second step truly cleans the hair. You will see a difference in the amount of lather between the first and second time you wash.