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What isThe Korean skincare routine

My Korean skincare routine

The Korean skincare routine The skincare I learned when I was younger was, cleanse tone and moisturize, that’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. Sometimes I even skipped the toner part due to that I felt more dry (probably used toners with alcohol in. The reason for alcohol in toner was probably due to being …

The story of my skin before and after Kbeauty

My Korean skincare routine

Before and after Kbeauty Before Kbeauty After years of struggling trying to find a way to get my skin to feel moisturized it finally happened. I have tried lots of different methods and products and now finally I have found what works for me. My problems were that my skin was very dehydrated and flaky. …

Were to buy Korean beauty products online

My Korean skincare routine

Where to buy Korean beauty products There are lots of places to buy Korean products or Asian beauty products. These are a few places I recommend. I’ve bought from most of them and my experience are positive. Usually when buying from Asian stores you get a lot of samples at the same time. The only …