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Missha Flower Bouquet cleansing foam cherry blossom, line minion: review

Missha Flower Bouquet cleansing foam cherry blossom,

The packaging made me buy it, I promise. I simply couldn’t resist a cute minion. It simply made me smile. So, let’s talk about the packaging first. I think you can tell by now that I do like that packaging. It comes in a tube and that is basically the best packaging for a foam cleanser. And when you put a minion on, what could go wrong.

Innisfree its real squeeze rice mask: review

Innisfree its real squeeze rice mask

Innisfree makes one of my favorite masks for dry skin ever, it’s real squeeze mask in black berry and I love to try other masks in the same series. So far none of them have been a disappointment and neither is this one.

The fit is the same as all the other masks in the series, it is good and I have no problems applying the mask to my face. There is a lot of essence in the packaging, so be sure to either save it or use it all over your body.

TonyMoly I’m real red wine mask pore care: First impression

TonyMoly I'm real red wine mask pore care

This is a great basic mask and I love having different versions of the mask at home for those days when I just need something extra.

The wine mask has a quite strong smell, but still it is ok since it does smell rather nice. The fit of the mask is really nice as well but if you have larger eyes like me, the holes for the eyes are rather small. But still it is not a big deal. The mask is also rather thick so it wont break when pulling it out of the packaging.