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Skin watchers green snail cream, is it as good as the others or?

Skin watchers green snail intensive cream

It is scented, and if you have been following me for some time, you know I really don’t like my products to be scented. This one is ok since the scent isn’t that strong. Always when I use regular snail products I use them as my first moisturizer and then I add another moisturizer on top. This because it is simply not enough for my dry skin.

This cream from Skin Watchers isn’t any exception, so I use it as a first moisturizer. If you have normal to oily skin, this might be enough for you.

The magic of snails, Benton snail bee high content essence review

Benton snail bee high content essence

I had huge problems with the smell of this one, not that it would stop me from using it, but I actually smelled sweat when applying. I heard from a reader that she actually smelled chlorine, so maybe this is what’s causing my nose to misbehave. And believe me, I have smelled my armpits so many times, making sure it is not me.

What are snail products?

Mizon snail repair eye cream

So what are snail products and do we really need them.
How weird is this, lets slime our faces folks. I bet no one thought they would actually use snail slime on their skin, but now it is a fact. I use snail products daily and really think these products are great. So simply said, snail mucus, snail slime, or snail extract are put into skincare products and makeup.

Scinic snail matrix cream review

scininc snail matrix cream

It is a really great cream but it is not completely enough for my dry skin during winter.

The cream feels very light on the skin and is really easy to apply. It will take some time for it to completely sink in to your skin but it doesn’t bother me. If you are a stressed person in the morning you might not want to use it as a day time moisturizer, unless you can wait about 10 minutes for the product to absorb.