IUNIK Beta Glucan Power Moisture Serum; review

IUNIK Beta Glucan Power Moisture Serum

I have been using this entire bottle and I do feel that it is a product that really interests me. I have super dry skin and I really never can rely on one product to make my skin feel amazing. Instead I have to have a routine filled with moisturizing steps. I do eat a lot of medicines which makes my skin super dry and that is why this is a huge problem for me.

Haul Japan

Haul Japan

Not so long ago a friend of mine went to Japan on a business trip and of course I couldn’t let her leave without getting me some goodies. She wasn’t able to get a lot due to luggage restrictions but hey, I am super happy over what I got.So before she went I did a little research about what to go for. My list was huge so I really had to do some priorities.

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