Etude House AC clean up toner first impression

Etude House AC clean up toner

The packaging is nice and travel friendly, made of hard plastic with a screw on lid. The toner is watery and clear in color. It is really strongly scented which many of you already know I am not a fan of.

The toner hasn’t dried my skin out, but I do feel it is way too small amount to really say anything about the effects on my skin.

Nature Republic Collagen BB Cream: review

Nature Republic Collagen BB Cream

When first applying it, it does look a little grey (a common thing with Korean BB creams) after a little while it will oxidize. During summer time I have to blend it out with a darker shade. I usually blend with Missha perfect cover BB cream in nr 31 (which is way too dark for me so I only use to add warmth to my colder shades).

Senhor do bonfim sea water hair spray review

Senhor do bonfim sea water hair spray

I have really fine hair, it is not thinning but I have typical Scandinavian hair which is basically fine hair strains but a lot of them. My hair is also super soft which is a huge problem when it comes to styling, nothing seems to work. I have a pixie cut today (due that I have chronic pain and simply can’t manage longer hair). But before when my hair was longer I even had problems using ties in my hair, they glided of, same with bobby pins, which can be quite annoying.

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