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Missha BB boomer review

Missha BB boomer


20 or 40 ml
Dewy finish
Strong scented
6-10 USD
Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma
Missha BB boomer

This is a primer and its main goal is to make the BB cream last longer and to even the surface of the skin. It contains pink pearl powder which gives the skin a pink glow to it.

In Korea it is very common with product that gives a dewy finish or a more natural look to the skin. It also contains wrinkle repairing and dark spot correcting substances. It is also supposed to brighten your complexion.

How to use it

This is a primer and is supposed to be used after your moisturizer and sunblock, but before your foundation, BB or CC cream.  Apply evenly on the skin.

Missha BB boomer

My thoughts on Missha BB Boomer

There are a lot of people who really like this product; I’m not one of them. I do like primers don’t get me wrong but this product really don’t do anything special for me. I usually use primers for making the surface smoother or hiding pores, before adding my BB cream. The most common use for primers is to make the foundation last longer and to even out the skins surface. Because I have dry skin the lasting power of my BB creams usually isn’t a problem. If you have normal skin type or problems getting the foundation or BB cream to last, then this primer is probably better for you. If you have oily skin this can give you some problem due to its finish. The line between glowing skin and greasy or too shiny is really thin and if you use a BB cream with dewy finish and this primer there is a risk of you looking like a disco ball.


I like the packaging, it’s really easy to get the product out and a pump is really hygienic.

I do like the glow the primer gives to the skin and for my dry skin it doesn’t give me any problem unless I use a BB cream that is really dewy on its own. The glow this product gives mattifies when applying something on top.

My real problem with Missha BB boomer is the scent. To me it smells awful and like old woman perfume.  I just think it stinks. The smell last a long time on the skin. I heard a lot of people saying they like the smell so of course it is individual and I can only give you my own opinion.

It is really easy to apply because it is lotion like in its consistency. One good thing about this product is that it is quite cheap. i’m a frequent user of primers so that’s probably why this one doesn’t impress me. I rather buy another primer with the same properties to get a product without the smell.

I give this product 2/7

Where to get it



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