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What are tints/stains? | And how to use them

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What are tints?

It is a mainly just a pop of color on your lips. It leaves no glossiness or shine to the lips but simply just stain them to add a little bit of color. They are usually buildable and you can actually get a real color to your lip. Usually a tint is very long lasting or at least longer lasting than a regular lipstick or a gloss.

The staying capacity depends on the tint and on your lips and of course if you eat anything and so on. A lot of tints can also be used on the cheeks as blush. This also depends on the tint it selves. If you are using it as a cheek tint, be sure to blend quickly or to test it out on your hand first if the tint you are using actually blends well.

What are tints/stains?
What are tints/stains? Etude House dear darling water gel tint
What are tints/stains?
What are tints/stains? Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk

They come in a wide variety of color but the most common is pink, orange and red. Don’t be scared when looking at the color on the packaging or the product, the tints is usually very sheer.

They do come in different forms and they can look like a lipstick or a gloss. The can be oily, watery, gel like, or in more solid form.

How to apply a tint?

The most popular application in Korea would be the gradient lips. This means that the product is darker in the center of your lip and becomes lighter and lighter, like a gradient. The gradient lip is made by simply just applying the product in the center of your lip and then blending it out with your fingers.

Some use only one layer of the product, which gives just a little bit of color or you can add layer after layer to build up a strong color.

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