Benton snail bee high content essence
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The story of my skin before and after Kbeauty

Before Kbeauty

After years of struggling trying to find a way to get my skin to feel moisturized it finally happened. I have tried lots of different methods and products and now finally I have found what works for me.

Cosrx 95 Galactomyces whitening power essence
Cosrx 95 Galactomyces whitening power essence

My problems were that my skin was very dehydrated and flaky. I had times when my face hurt so bad and had small bleeding wounds. I tried using drugstore products, pharmacy products, and professional products with recommendation from dermatologists. But nothing worked. A lot of the products I used only stayed on the surface on my skin and didn’t penetrate, which made the skin feel really weird.

I also tried the oil cleansing method, different natural oils (like rose-hip seed oil, almond oil, coconut oil, e-vitamin oil and many others) which actually worked for some time. I still use oils as body moisturizer together with aloe vera gel.

After Kbeauty

Today my skin is really great and it only took about a week of testing Korean skincare products to see a big different. I still find new products I want to test and to see if there are products that are even better for my skin then the ones I am using. I think skincare is really fun and I love reading and testing new products to see what happens. It is almost an addiction for me.

Benton snail bee high content essence
Benton snail bee high content essence

Be in mind that my recommendations are only products that have been working for me and there are no guarantee they will work on everyone with dry skin. I do not have any education in skincare and I cannot give you any other advice other then from my own experience.

I am not only using products for dry skin but also products for normal till mixed skin types.


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