The Saem urban eco harakeke toner
What is that?

What are toners/facial waters and why do we love them?


The second step after cleansing should be the use of a toner. Korean toners are packed with different substances that are beneficial for your skin. This is really not a step that should be skipped if you have any problems with your skin. After cleansing, the skin is quite sensitive and the toners bring nutrients back to the skin to protect it. Toners preps your skin for the next steps of your skincare routine. Many toners have the main purpose to hydrate the skin and this is of course important even if you have oily skin.

Skin Watchers Ceramizing Essence Toner

Is this for me?

If you have oily skin it doesn’t mean that your skin is hydrated, you can still have dehydrated skin even if you have an oily skin type. Dehydration means that your skin lacks moisture i.e water, not oil.

Secret key snail EGF booster
Secret key snail EGF booster

For many Korean products from skincare to makeup, the main goal is to hydrate the skin. There are a lot of great toners on the market and I will give reviews on the once I test.

Etude House Skin mal:gem deep moist
Etude House Skin mal:gem deep moist

From the beginning the toners job was to neutralize the skins pH and bring it back to normal after cleansing your face.Now days the cleansers are so gentle that the skin doesn’t need to be neutralized, instead the toners of today are filled with other benefits to the skin. The skin should be clean after cleansed and the toners are not to be used as a second cleanser. Instead cleanse twice with your normal cleanser or once with an oil cleanser and once with a foam cleanser, and use the toner as a prep for the next steps…

Before I started reading about Korean skincare steps i didn’t use toner at all. Instead i used different cleanser like Dermalogica or Nutribiotic and after that, just a moisturizer and an eye cream, that’s about it. I felt that the European/American toners were more dehydrating. My skin felt dehydrated directly after cleansing and by using an alcohol free toner it would even make things worse.


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