What are whitening products
What is that?

What are whitening products? Learn how to use them

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What are whitening products: The first time I came across the word was actually in Africa, Kenya (as an exchange student and later on doing my master thesis in biology/ethology) and I really thought it was strange and I really didn’t and don’t get it. When I then came across the word again, but in Korean beauty products I really started wondering what it was all about. I think that most people including myself, get the wrong idea when hearing the word for the first time, so that’s why I wanted to do this post, just to explain what it actually means.

When I started reading about it, I realized that there was a huge difference between the products I came across in Africa and the Korean ones. The word is really misleading and wrong, at least in my mind. But I do think they should call it brightening instead. What do you think? what was your thoughts when you heard it the first time?

What are whitening products?
What are whitening products?

So just to be clear, it is usually not what it sounds like, whitening in Korea and Japan most often means brightening. This type of product is extremely popular all over the world, including with me (well I am a part of the world so I guess I already was included).

Koreans in general are very, and I mean very interested in their skin and the quality of their skin. In Sweden, where I am from, people seem to love the fact of looking tan instead. We run out in summer just soaking all the sun we can, and people actually feel more alive. But what people don’t seem to care so much about is what happens to you skin in the sun. I don’t know if people are wearing blind folds or it they simply just don’t care. The research is out there so just google it and learn from it.

I always use sunblock. I didn’t use to, but I learned and did the research and realized it was not what I wanted for myself or my skin.

So swedes love to look tanned, because for us it looks healthy and fresh, and beautiful. A lot of people uses fake tanning instead, and I say go for that and protect yourself in the sun.

If you are interested in the history of the products, you can check out this link.

The word really feels wrong and I would love to use dark spot corrector, brightening products instead.

So what are whitening products? and what do they do?

There is a huge amount of whitening products in Asia and a lot of the products are multi-functional (meaning, they do more than just brightens the skin). The brightening means fading the dark spots and even out the skin tone.

So if you have dark spots from sun or age or want to have a more even skin tone. These products are for you. If you are looking to bleach your complexion, this is not for you. But please take a look in the mirror and see how beautiful you already are. Brightening means to give a nice glow to the skin and the tone you already have, and not what shade people are in.

What products to look for?

You can find brightening products in any category almost. Serums and essence’s, emulsions, masks, toner, eye cream, and in BB and CC creams.

I am using OST C20 serum and I am in love with it. I am working on a post on the product, but I wanted to start from the beginning with it.

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