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Eucerin anti redness series review

Together with Smartson (Swedish company) i have tested out a series from Eucerin. This is of course my own opinion and i would not gain anything from giving an dishonest review.

The product I have been testing is for hypersensitive skin and it’s a complete solution for the skin. The problem when having sensitive dry skin is that the skins barrier is weakened and the skin starts blushing.

The day creams work as a makeup base, and It is free from preservatives, paraben, paraffin, fragrance, alcohol, colorants, emulsifier, non-comedogenic (doesn’t include ingredients that are known to cause acne). The series are developed to manage three symptoms of hypersensitive skin: skin barrier, hyper-reactive sensory fibers, and redness.The product claims to provide with long lasting skin comfort and relieves redness, minimizing irritation over time.

I began testing the product in the evening of the 11th of April. The product I have tested is

·       Cleanser: ultra-sensitive cleansing lotion

·       Day cream: AntiREDNESS concealing day cream

·       Cream: AntiREDNESS soothing care

My thoughts on Eucerin Ultra-sensitive cleansing lotion

Eucerin Ultra-sensitive cleansing lotion
Eucerin Ultra-sensitive cleansing lotion

I love the packaging, it is hygienic and simple but yet elegant. And above all, it is hygienic. The cleansing ability is really great and when testing with a cotton pad after cleansing, there are no residues, so my skin is clean. The important thing is that you should always massage in the product and really let it get into all the parts of the face (avoiding the eye area). Then wash it off with lukewarm water. After washing it off my skin feels somewhat hydrated, but that feeling doesn’t last long.

Swatch Cleansing lotion
Swatch Cleansing lotion

This doesn’t mean that I love the product though. I do think it is a nice product and I can totally recommend it. But I don’t like the feeling of it. When I wash my face it leaves some kind of residue on the skin, it feels like you can wash the product off completely. Normally I don’t mind this but then I would like the feeling to be a little bit oily. Instead this feels almost like some kind of slimy residue which I don’t fancy.

The smell is NONE so that really speaks to me, I will never understand why skin products needs all the perfume. The consistency is lotion like and milky white.

I give this product 3/7

My thoughts on Eucerin AntiREDNESS soothing care

Eucerin AntiREDNESS soothing care

I have been using this during evening. This I do like; it is a really great moisturizer even for my really dry skin. I have not tested this out during the wintertime though, so I don’t know if it would be enough for my skin when the cold hits (I do doubt it).

The cream is white with a yellow tone and it is easy to apply. It doesn’t set into my skin very fast, but as I only use it during evening and usually sleep with a sleeping pack on, the feeling of it doesn’t bother me. It has absolutely no smell. So thumbs up for that.


If you have oily skin, I would say keep away from this, because I think this can be way too much for you.

I give this product 6/7


My thoughts on Eucerin AntiREDNESS concealing day cream

Eucerin AntiREDNESS concealing day cream
Eucerin AntiREDNESS concealing day cream

This I also like a lot. This product is tinted in a green tone. Which is perfect if you have redness on your face. The green act as a corrector and neutralizes the skin’s tone. It is a very light cream and not at all as thick as the other cream. It almost feels watery when applying it. Yet it is also enough for my skin, at least during this time of year. It does take a long time to absorb in the skin, so if you are in a hurry in the mornings and prefers putting on your makeup (if you use that) on dry skin, you will have to wait. So if you are using pressed foundation this might not be for you (if you don’t like blending it in with your moisturizer that is) If you use a liquid foundation it will cause you no problems.

This is not enough to cancel my redness out. It is doing a great job on my cheeks but not on my nose area or my chin. I really like the idea of a moisturizer that is really good quality and acting as a color corrector, usually I use a primer for that. For me to get the best effect I still need a primer on top to cancel all the redness out. If you are not using any makeup, this really helps to cancel some of the redness out and even the skin tone in a natural looking way.

It also has NO smell (yeahha)

I can’t say that my skin has changed in some way toward a lesser redness, but I really do think that the time I had to test it out was way too short to notice any significant difference.


I give this product 6/7


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  • Linda

    I am interested in the anti-redness day cream. Do you have a sensitive skin that is prone to eczema? I know it says it works for very sensitive skins, but it seems my skin doesn’t read the labels. If you can use most products you try, that will be helpful to know.

    • Tess

      Hi Linda. I don’t have very sensitive skin (except for alcohol in my skin care). If your skin is reacting to certain products I really recommend you to try and analyze what your skin is reacting to by checking You can look up products your skin is reacting to here and then check the numbers each ingredients has, the higher the number is the “worse” is that ingredient for your skin. By doing this you actually see what you are sensitive towards, and you can avoid any of those ingredients in your skincare.

      You can also go to the store where they sell the product (In Sweden it is often pharmacies) and just ask them for a sample. Or write to the company explaining that you would like a sample since you have really sensitive skin and don’t know if you will react to it. It is always best to ask for samples, when you have sensitive skin. Just to be sure you don’t throw your money into the lake.

      Just let me know if you need more help, and I will try and help you the best I can.

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