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Innisfree olive real cleansing foam review


 150 ml
Made with extra virgin olive oil
~13 USD
Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

How to use it

Just take a pea size between your palms and form a lather. Apply it to your face by massaging it into the skin. Avoid the eyes (it can sting), rinse of with lukewarm water.

My thoughts on Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam

This is a really nice cleansing foam and I really do like it. But if you are feeling a little tension in my writing (hmm is that even possible). Well, but if you do I only have one problem with it and that is that I keep on comparing it too Innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam (which is amazing). These are two different products, and I think I should be loving this one more, since I have really dry skin. But sorry, I don’t. I do really like it, it feels really nice on the skin, it does the job and it really makes my skin feel moisturized and not completely dry.

Before I started with Korean product I used different oils on my skin. I tried for such a long time to get my face under control. I have really dry skin.

I know it is wrong comparing them but It just happened. I do love this and I am not using the other one, I would definitely go for this one. It doesn’t give you the squeaky clean feeling. The one, when you pull you fingers down your face and it goes squeak. Ahh you know what I mean. It is really thick in its consistency, but it is supposed to. It is so easy to take too much but don’t, cause a small amount will last. I do love the packaging, it is simply and hygienic. The smell is really pleasant and it doesn’t bother me at all, somewhat citrus like

I give this product 5/7

Where to buy Korean skincare

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