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What is Collagen? The thing that is good for your skin, or is it?


what is collagen? It is the main protein that exists naturally in your skin and body and is sometimes referred to as the glue of your body. About 30-35% of your body consists of Collagen and around 75 %of your skin is made of Collagen.The production of collagen decreases with age (as does almost everything, except the effect of gravity on your but). This leading to saggy skin and formation of wrinkles (tell me about it).

what is collagen
Collagen Picture from http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/262881.php

I need to lift a tiny warning when buying products containing collagen. If a product say it contains collagen and only that word it is probably not a good product. Collagen itself is a large molecule which cannot penetrate the skin at all. When you have a product containing regular collagen it will wash away when you clean your face.

If the collagen is broken down, it is called soluble collagen or hydrolyzed collagen, and if the source is fish it is called marine collagen. Then it will have the effect of penetrating the skin BUT it will not bind to your natural collagen in your skin and won’t produce more collagen.

Etude house moistfull collagen freshener

Etude house moistfull collagen freshener
Etude house moistfull collagen freshener

So what does all this mean?

Well, still there are not much research done on the topic. And still there are different schools on what is good and what is not. The only time the research actually showed some effect of collagen itself was when it was digested.

Anskin modeling mask
Anskin modeling mask- Collagen
Holika holika 3 sec starter collagen
Holika holika 3 sec starter collagen

So shouldn’t we use products containing collagen?

Collagen is great in binding water (moisture) to you skin. When your skin looks moisturized it also look better and healthier, and thereby younger. In Korea it is more common knowledge that collagen isn’t to be used as collagen itself. More as a humectant (substance which absorbs moisture). So yes, it is fine to use just as long as you know what you are using and what to expect from it.

What damages the natural collagen?

Sugar, smoking, sun, autoimmune diseases, genetics, poor diet. The most effective way to add collagen to your skin is with injections (but I am not doing that) so I am sticking to these ones. If you have any other information about Collagen I would be happy to get the information, so please write a comment or send an email.

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