Benton snail bee high content essence
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Benton snail bee high content essence first impression

What is that smell, is it sweat, o my. Is it me?  Hmmm no its not. WHAT. My minds are playing the same tricks on me every single time I use this product. I pump it out in my palms, rub them together, and as soon as I apply it a smell sweat. And just as quickly the smell is gone. I do know it isn’t me because I smelled my armpits more than once after applying this and I still have the same feeling or smell about it. I gross you out don’t I? Please tell me that we are more out there, tell me I am not alone with this weird feeling.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about first impression on this. It feels really nice on my skin and that is about it. I can’t say anything about my wrinkles yet, or I am not really expecting it to do anything about them. Instead I am expecting it to slow down the process of gravity and make me less wrinklish (I know it is not a word but it sounded great when I said it) in the future. I wonder if it is possible to use this on once backside, anyone tried it yet? Please let me know.

Benton snail bee high content essence
Benton snail bee high content essence

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