Skinfood white grape fresh foundation review


Container with a pump
3 shades, 13 light beige, 21 skin beige, 23 natural beige.
30 ml
6-9 USD
skinfood white grape fresh foundation

My thoughts on Skinfood White Grape Fresh Foundation

Ohhhh I love, love this foundation, it is one of the best foundations I ever tried. I use nr 23 natural beige and it is a perfect match to me. I like the packaging; it is a container with a pump, when finishing up the product you can screw the pump of for easier access to the last goodies. I prefer these types of containers because the pump is hygienic and I just like it.

Skinfood white grape fresh foundation

It is really lightweight and very moisturizing. Usually my skin is quite dry after a whole day. When I use this foundation the problem isn’t as obvious.

The foundation really smells like grapes and I usually don’t like product which are scented but this one really doesn’t bother me at all. It is more a fresh scent and not chemical.

skinfood white grape fresh foundation

When I apply this one I prefer using a kabuki brush, it really gives me a natural result and the product is so lightweight so I guess you could use any method in applying it.

The coverage is medium and it dries to a semi matte finish. If you need more coverage it is build-able and blends very easily. If you have a lot of acne scars I would recommend a concealer for best result.

It dries really quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling to the skin, it stays on the whole day.

Skinfood white grape fresh foundation Skinfood white grape fresh foundation

The foundation is yellow in its undertone and not grey as a lot of other Korean products are. I will never understand why the grey cast in a lot of Koreans foundations. It is, and will always be a big question mark.

If your skin is oily this would be a great product for you too. It has a semi matte, dewy finish. If you have really oily skin you should probably use a primer or powder on top. Powder and primer will make the product last longer.

When I have emptied this one I will definitely buy another one.

I give this product 6/7

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