Banila Co clean it zero review


100 ml jar (classic also comes in 180 ml)
18-26 USD

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

There are four different versions of the clean it zero
classic –pink one, suitable for all skin types
Purity- turkoise, suitable for sensitive skin
Radiance- silver, gets rid of sebum and whitening effect
Resveratrol- leaf green, elasticity

banila co clean it zero

My thoughts on Banila Co Clean It Zero, Classic

This is a really popular cleanser worldwide and I totally get it. This is a great cleanser and it feels so nice on the skin. It takes away most of my makeup and I am super happy with it. I have really dry skin and the feeling after washing it off is nice and my skin doesn’t feel stripped of all its moisture. But still it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. The packaging is just cute; it comes in a plastic container together with a spatula, so no dipping with your fingers in the jar. The color is soft pink

Before trying this I read lots of reviews on it and I couldn’t find one that had anything negative to say about this product. After trying it out I totally gets why.

Since this product comes in a balm form it is very easy to apply and it melts between your fingers whilst you blend it in your skin. The smell is heavenly and I just love it and could use it only for this reason.

Banila co, clean it zero Banila co, clean it zero

How to use it?

I use it after I cleansed my eye makeup off. I do prefer to use a special eye makeup remover to get most of my mascara and whatever else I am using that day. It feels more hygienic then to get all the mascara massaged around your face. You scoop some up (like a pea size) with the spatula and massage in your skin and it will totally melt the makeup off. When rinsing your face it turns into a milky white liquid.

The product won’t sting your eyes, but it will leave an oily film if you get it in your eyes, as would any oil.

It is not drying at all. You can use it as your only cleanser or use it as the first of two (if you double cleanse) following up with a foam cleanser.

Banila co, clean it zero Banila co, clean it zero

I give this product 7/7

Where to get it


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