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Brushes from ebay seller asphone


~2 USD each
Ebay store

My thoughts on the brushes

I love using brushes for my makeup, and I love a brush that is cheap but still does the job. These are copies and not the real deal.

Again I will just emphasize that they are not the real ones but copies from China.

I love these, they are really great quality for the prize and I really don’t see the need to buy super expensive brushes when I really like these ones. I have tried several different from ebay, and sometimes they are really crappy and sometimes they are really great.

These brushes are really soft and some of the models are very dense.

None of the brushes I bought are shedding at all.

Powder brush

This one is really great. It is very fluffy and soft to the skin and it is a really great brush for applying powder or blending the whole face together.

Ebay brushes
Ebay brushes

Ebay brushes

Dense dome brush

This brush I guess you can use to a lot of different things. I think it is a little too dense, but it is ok to apply product and then blend it out with a fluffier brush. I guess this would be good for concealer.

Ebay brushes

Angled brush

This is great for applying blush or highlighter or anything really. I think it depends on what kind of brushes you prefer. It is quite dense.

Makeup brushes from Ebay Makeup brushes from Ebay

Contour brush

I order these in two sizes, one small and one large, and I love using these for my contouring.

Makeup brushes from Ebay Makeup brushes from Ebay

I give these products 7/7

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