COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid review


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Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

Cosrx BHA blackhead power liquid

What is BHA:s?

BHA stands for Beta hydroxy acid and basically it is a mild exfoliator.

It exfoliates the skin and prevents the blackheads to form but it also gets rid of the blackhead inside the pores. It helps to even the skin tone, by bleaching acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Also it prevents the blemishes to appear. But that is not all folks, and helps to maintain the skin smooth and soft.

This is not a typical Korean product and there are not that many brands who keeps this kind of product in their range of products.

What is the point?

Basically getting the gunk out of the pores and prevent it from reappearing. BHA:s are soluble in oil so therefor they can penetrate the oil that’s clogging your pores and also exfoliate all the dead skin cells that has been building up in there.

It is more common that BHA products are recommended for people with oily skin, then as in this case all skin types. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

There are different kinds of acids being use

d for chemical exfoliator, but there will be a post on that later.

How do I use it?

After washing your face, you either apply a small amount on the targeted areas, but avoid the eye area, and massage lightly and let the product absorb, or you apply it to all of your face. If you use this product during mornings, be sure to use a sunscreen after. If you are using a vitamin C serum, apply the serums before the BHA.

My thoughts on COSRX Blackhead Power Liquid

I got 10 samples of this and thought I give it a try and to write a review for you guys. each samples last for about four applications, if you use it only on specific parts. I forgot to take pictures of the product itself so sorry for that. But it is a clear watery liquid. The full sized product comes in a bottle with a pump. So you get a lot of product for the money.

The scent is very mild (which I do prefer, so at least a plus in that department).

I so wanted to love this product because I heard so much great things about it. Sadly, I do not. I don’t think it does anything for me. It feels really nice on the skin though but I don’t see any decrease in my blackheads.

I don’t have any acne, well of course once and a while, but it is not a problem for my skin. Instead I have really dry skin and probably that is the problem why I don’t like this at all.

If you need a to chemical exfoliate that is very mild and you have problems with acne I would definitely give it a try (please tell me how it goes). Only because there are so many people who just love this product.

They do recommend this for all skin types but I would be careful with chemical exfoliators if you have sensitive skin, be sure to buy samples first so you don’t waste your money.

If you are interested in buying the product you can find it at Wishtrend. If you use my link you get 5 USD discount on your order. Or you can add the code 224729502 and get the same deal. This goes for whatever you order at Wishtrend, but of course only once.

Link to the store Wishtrend

Link to the product

I give this product 2/7

Where to get it



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