A'pieu Bal Cheek
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First impression of A’pieu bal cheek

Apieu Bal cheek

A’pieu Bal cheek

 My first thoughts

Hmmmm is there actually product in here. The tube is really large and you have to press a lot to get any product out at all. I think they could have made the tube half the size and it would be more manageable. The smell is there; it actually reminds me of school glue. And again, scented blush is just so unnecessary, I am never going to understand why everything needs to be scented, I really do prefer my products to be without smell. But that is in my perfect little world.

Apieu bal cheek 1

The color I have is in PK 01 and I was expecting a light pink color and boy was I wrong. The color is really strong and I think I have to be careful applying this. I have ordered another color as well and we will see if that is as strong.

The applicator is not for me, because the color comes out really strong it feels like I am not in control applying this with its applicator. I will probably use my fingers or a brush.

PK01 in daylight not blended
PK01 in daylight not blended

The top of it is easy to take off to be able to wash it. That is really nice if you use the applicator to apply the product. The cushion is flexible up and down when applying it to the cheek.

A review will come later, when I have had the time to try it out.


Where to get it (they have changed the packaging to black)



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