Basic skincare

The double cleansing method

What is it?

Basically it is as it sounds, cleansing twice. This is a great way of getting you face really clean.

How many are using, one cleanser, and then a toner on a cotton pad. Then you look at the cotton pad, is it clean? No, most often it is not. What people, including me (before Korean skincare was all on my brain) did, was using toner as your last step. Korean toners are so much more than that and should not be used as a last cleansing of the residue step.

But how to do the Korean double cleanse method?

1.      So the double cleanse method starts with an oil cleanser, it can be in liquid form, balm form or cream form, as long as it is made with oil as a base. Oil solves oil, so this means that your makeup with literally melt off when massaging this product on your face.

I would recommend to get all the eye makeup off first with an eye makeup remover (if you have eye makeup on that is). This step basically dilutes and solves makeup, SPF, pollutants and sebum. How to use: take a pump or a pea sized amount and gently massage on your face. Rinse of with lukewarm water until its clear.

2.      The second step is a foam cleanser:

By using two different formulas on your face you actually get everything off, and when thinking about it, it is quite obvious. This step cleans the water based residues on your skin like sweat and other pollutants from the environment. How to use: Take a pea sized amount and rub your palms together with water to create a lather, use this lather to massage your skin and rinse off. This can sting your eyes so avoid that area.

Oil cleansers

banila co clean it zero
The face shop Rice Water Bright
The face shop Rice Water Bright cleansing rich oil

 Foam cleansers

innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleanser
innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleanser
Holika holika daily garden cleansing foam

When to use Korean double cleanse method

You can do this always, that is morning and night. If you have dry skin, you might not use it during mornings. Then I would recommend only the oil cleanser. And if you have oily skin the foam cleanser could be enough. You need to try this yourself to see what your face likes and don’t like. I would recommend that you start with twice a day and then you go from there.

Any of you who tried it? any thoughts? Have you started with the double cleanse method and then stopped?

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