A small declutter
Empties,  Not for me

A small declutter December 2021

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This is a small declutter December 2021 with products I decided to get rid off due to that the product is getting old or not being used at all or simply because I don’t like it. It is really rare that I trow out skincare since I normally use everything up but maybe not as the products was intended to be used.

Makeup is a little bit harder to use in other ways than the product is supposed to be used.If there is a link with the name of the product there is a review on the product as well. Just click to read more about it.

Clio water me please BB cream

I haven’t finished this product completely but it simply felt like it was too old. A really nice BB cream

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Also not finished but my eyes are really sensitive so I never finish a mascara, but this was a really good one.

Nature Republic Collagen BB cream

A nice BB cream but I found another favorite so I never finished this one up so decided to get rid of it

Maybelline fit me foundation 110

Wrong shade from the beginning and never liked the foundation actually. I know this is super popular but it simply didn’t do it for me.

By Terry Baume De Rose Flaconette (2 lip glosses)

The scent of these is just a big no no. I really can’t stand the scent of roses in skincare or makeup. And I always end up not finishing or throwing out products that has the scent of roses.

The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution

Didn’t like this one either. I know it is loved by many but I never found it very nice to use.

Eyeko Brow gel

Also just throwing this one out because it was getting old

Loreal Volume million lashes

Same with this mascara. Not bad at all, but just getting older and not so good for my sensitive eyes.

3INA The shadow paint

opaque blue eye shadow. Just No for me. Not going to happen. I am more of the natural shades.

Yadah Silky Fit Concealer BB Cream

Never liked so never used it so simply throwing it out for that reason.

Sum!ta Beauty Wax pen

Got two of these and this one just looked euu. But it is a nice product.

Banish Banish Oil

Gifted Product.

Just a product I never reached for, I found the oil to be to sticky for me to really like it so therefore it just ended up not being used.

BbiA Lip Oil Balm

Gifted Product

This was also a product I never used since I simply didn’t like it.

Other empties

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