Decluttering April 2020
Empties,  Not for me

A small decluttering April 2020

Decluttering April 2020: I don’t have that amazing product stashes and huge amount of makeup but sometimes I simply dislike some products and sometimes stuff dries out or starts oxidizing and gets old. Then it is really important that you throw it out. I am that type of person that if i don’t use it i really don’t need it in my home. This goes for all aspects of my life, and I am simply a person who sell clothes and products (not skincare) I don’t use.

Same goes for my kids stuff (with their permission) simply because there are too much stuff in the world:-) I love shopping at second hand as well and I am not a person who will buy a hand bag just because it has a special brand. Brands simply isn’t something I look for at all. And my home and clothes are usually rather cheap and functional instead of design.

After that, back to what this post is all about decluttering April 2020.

What did I throw out?

Dr PawPaw Outrageous Orange Balm

Simply isn’t a product for me. I tried it out a few times and simply I cant find a use for it for me.

Etude House tint my 4 tip brow

I really liked this product, but the color turned more green after a while and that simply doesn’t match anyone. The product as it is (without) the color simply was amazing on me, and I really loved it.

Holika Holika aqua petit jelly BB cream

This is also a product I really liked but the color isn’t a really good match for me and I felt that it was a little bit drying on my skin (I have super dry skin so it is really not the products it is me) When the product sets on my skin, it looks a little powdery on my skin, especially around the nose.

Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask

This is a product that I simply hated, and the word hated is not too strong here. The product does nothing on my skin and it contains small glitter stars which is simply idiotic to have in skincare. If they don’t do anything for your skin they shouldn’t be in the product at all. Plastic stars doesn’t feel nice on the skin at all. Simply idiotic.

A:Concept shape of my face triple contour

I have a few contour palettes and creams and simply this one did nothing for me. I simply didn’t like it and it didn’t show much color either.

Juicyful vitalizer tone up cream

Simply did not work for me. This is a tone up cream but it does leave a white cast on my skin and I am not that pale to begin with so it only turned out looking like I had a white powder on my face or body.

Schwarzkopf live silver shampoo

I received this in one of my subscription boxes. And simply I am not a blonde and I tried using it to get brassy tones out of my hair but it did not work on me. (this one I gave away)

Etude House proof 10 eye primer

This is an amazing product but it simply dried out on me. I don’t use eye shadows very often so that is simply the reason.

Skinfood white grape fresh foundation

This one is simply amazing, but it started oxidizing on my skin. Due to the products age. There is not very often I totally finish a foundation since I don’t use it regularly. I prefer BB creams. So it is quite common that I throw them out before finishing the bottle.

Etude House Play 101 stick

Simply the color isn’t great. It is super strong which makes it too hard to blend on my skin. The product itself is really great and I love this product but in a different shade.

IDUN mineral GULL mascara

This I liked as well but simply had to throw it out due to age. Not my age, but the product:-) Just in case you were thinking something there…

Elf powder

Simply a nice powder but I really don’t use the product since I have super dry skin. But it is well worth the money.

There are two mascaras as well that I just wanted to throw out due to age. I liked them all but I have sensitive eyes so I need to be careful.

The rest is simply eyeliners that dried out. I have hooded eyes and seldom use eyeliners since it tend to get too much on my eyes.

Other empties

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