A:CONCEPT A Shape of My Face Triple Contour
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ACONCEPT A Shape of My Face Triple Contour: review

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ACONCEPT A Shape of My Face Triple Contour
All-round product
12 USD
11 g

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ACONCEPT A Shape of My Face Triple Contour
ACONCEPT A Shape of My Face Triple Contour

My thoughts on ACONCEPT A Shape of My Face Triple Contour

This is a triple contour product, which means it has three different shades. The colors are really nice for contouring if you don’t have darker skin tones. For me, the shades are nice, but still a little too light for my liking. I do usually use a very light contour, since I do like the natural look on my face. But I wouldn’t recommend this if you have darker complexion like medium towards dark. I know that this doesn’t give you much information about shades but I am usually a Korean 23 (Missha perfect cover) or a little bit darker, so if you are lighter than that, this might be perfect for you.

According to the brand, this is a perfect beginners’ contour powder because of the “Secret of the Golden Ratio”.  Multiplayer (left), Warm Glow (middle) and No! Blush (right).

And I do agree with that it is a perfect starting out product, since it is very light, it is buildable so it is hard to overdo it.

I do feel that the product itself is a little powdery and after applying it onto my face it doesn’t seem to last that long. When I do contour my face I of course want it to last at least 6 hours. This one might last me 3 hours.

I really do like the shades (only wish they were a little darker) But that of course depends on your skin tone. I tend to go for the darker shade since it is cooled toned and cooler tones is my personal choice when it comes to contouring my face. The shade in the middle is yellow toned and doesn’t suit my skin for contouring. I also feel that the shade in the middle is the hardest to reach since it is so narrow and you can only use a small brush when going for that one. I usually use a larger brush for contouring my face and then it becomes difficult to use the product.

ACONCEPT A Shape of My Face Triple Contour
Swatch ACONCEPT A Shape of My Face Triple Contour

This is an all-round product which means you can use it as eyeshadow and as eye brow shadow as well.

And I tend to use the lightest shade as a transition shade for my eyeshadow since it is a perfect product for that. But there will be some fallout, just to be aware of that.

I really do like the packaging. It comes in a matte black plastic container that is sturdy and has a large mirror

I give this product 2/7

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