A’pieu Bal Cheek Review

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Comes in five colors, VL01, PK01, CR01 CR02, BR01
I have two, PK01 (bright pink) and CR01 (coral pink)
15 g of product
~6 USD

Apieu Bal cheekApieu Bal cheek

My thoughts on A’pieu Bal Cheek

The first time I used it I thought it was really a lot of packaging for a small amount of product. But once you get the product out in the sponge you don’t need much force to keep it coming.  The problems with sponges as applicators is that they gather bacteria. This one you can take off and wash, so points for that.

Apieu Bal cheek

There is a scent to it, but I can quite say what it smells like. I would prefer there to be no scent at all because I really don’t get why a blush should smell anything really.

Its more liquid than creamy which can make it a little hard to blend.  It is really moisturizing on the skin and doesn’t make my skin dry during the day. I have really dry skin and it lasts me all day.

In the beginning, I really wasn’t sure about this product, but now that I have been trying it out for a longer period of time. I actually do like it. I would prefer it to be a little less pigmented, because it would be easier to use it.

PK01 in daylight not blended
PK01 in daylight not blended
PK01 in daylight blended
PK01 in daylight blended

How to apply it

The blush is really pigmented, and then I mean really pigmented. So, you need to start off with just a tiny dab of the product and blend with a sponge or your fingers. If you need more product, then just add an extra layer. Don’t wait too long before you blend it because it dries really fast. If you let it start setting it becomes really hard to blend.

The only negative thing is that the applicator doesn’t give me any control of the amount of product I get, and since it is super pigmented it can be hard to work with before you get used to it. It is a really cheap blush and I really recommend it.

I give this product 5/7

CR01 daylight not blended
CR01 daylight not blended
CR01 dayligt blended
CR01 daylight blended

Where to get it


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