Baviphat baby cheek in Baby pink
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Baviphat baby cheek cream blush

My first thoughts on this is not any words I would like to say out loud, so I write them down instead. What a heck is this?

My thought on Baviphat baby cheek cream blush

It is supposed to be a blush in a pretty packaging, but what I see is just pretty packaging. When you squeeze out the product it has a sheer lavender tone to it, and then you blend it in and the color just simply vanishes. By vanish I mean, I don’t see it at all. It I apply several layers on top of each other, there might be a tiny tint of color. But seriously this is one of the worst products I have ever tried. The formula seems really nice and it is mildly scented. Smells like cream in general, so no strong perfume smell.

I am really confused about this. On the packaging, it says that the color is baby pink, but all I see is lavender so I feel like someone is playing a trick on me. I have squeezed out a lot of product in the tube, just to see if there will be more color further down in the tube, but sadly no. I also tried shaking the tube, like Shakira’s hips, but still no color. Well I would be lying if I said there is no color at all, so instead I will say that the color is so sheer that it is almost invisible.

I will continue squeezing product out of the tube and see if stuff happens when it is almost empty, because I really don’t see the need for this product at all.

Baviphat baby cheek in Baby pink
Baviphat baby cheek in Baby pink

It might suit you

I am Caucasian (Swede) and my skin tone is towards medium. In Korean products, I am usually a 23 mixed with a little bit of 27 (Missha perfect cover BB cream. Etude house any cushion I am a 24) So maybe if you are really pale this will show on your skin. Please tell me that someone got a nice color out of this.

I have tried looking at Baviphat baby cheek cream blush in daylight and in artificial light. With glasses and without and still nothing.

I do love the formula of it, I think it feels really nice on the skin and I so wanted it to be a great product.

I will continue testing it out and see if something miraculous happens. But if not I am sad to say this might be my first real Korean product disappointment.


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