The magic of snails, Benton snail bee high content essence review

Benton snail bee high content essence


60 ml bottle
~19 USD
All skin types
It claims to help with hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

I have finished using my bottle up and thought I would give you my review on this one.

Benton snail bee high content essence
Benton snail bee high content essence

How to use it

Pump 1 or 2 pumps in your hands and pat it into your skin. I usually apply it before my serums, but it all depends on what kind of serums you have and in what order you put your products.

Benton snail bee high content essence

My thought on Benton snail bee high content essence

I do like this product, but it doesn’t wow me completely. The packaging is great, a sturdy bottle and a pump, it doesn’t get more hygienic than this. I did have some problems with my bottle though, it seemed to be twisting up on its own. The bottle is a screw bottle and you can always reuse the bottle it you need to fill in with something else.

I will try some more products like this because I am really interested in this type of product, but I am not sure I will repurchase this one. About the anti-wrinkling abilities, you should always know that no product can erase wrinkles. What they do is slow down the process and help moisturize the area so it looks less wrinkled.

I had huge problems with the smell of this one, not that it would stop me from using it, but I actually smelled sweat when applying. I heard from a reader that she actually smelled chlorine, so maybe this is what’s causing my nose to misbehave. And believe me, I have smelled my armpits so many times, making sure it is not me. And just for the record it is not. When I smell the product from the bottle or in my hands I smell nothing, but as soon as I apply it the smell comes and stays for just a second.

The liquid is a clear gel like texture and it is really easy to apply. It penetrates really fast on my skin, leaving a somewhat sticky feeling, but that goes away as soon as I apply the next layer.

I give this product 5/7

Benton snail bee high content essence Benton snail bee high content essence

My first impression on Benton snail bee essence

Where to get it



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