I have decided to Boycott the brand Etude House

Why I decided to boycott the brand Etude House after after being in their Pink Bird program

The Pink bird program

Last year Etude House (a huge Korean makeup and skincare brand) were looking for bloggers and youtubers for their Pink bird program. I applied for it and got selected. The whole point was that we (me and several other bloggers, I think we were around 15) was to receive 6 boxes with products. One each month and we would give our honest review on their products.

When applying for the program and accepting it, the rules were that within 4 weeks of receiving the box, you are supposed to give an honest review of the products you received. This was what we all agreed to as bloggers and youtubers. If we are late twice we will not receive the rest of the boxes. This was perfectly fine for us all and we excepted the rules of the program.

When realizing I was one of the chosen ones, I was proud, happy and excited. Etude House is a brand I have been buying products from for quite some time and I did consider Etude House to be one of my favorite brands.

Sadly, that thought has completely changed after being in this Pink Bird blogging program.

Pink bird February 2017

Before the first box

Right before the first box arrived, we received an email telling that the due date had changed from four weeks to two. I really felt that this was weird, since the time given is very short, and I realized that I could not do any good reviews of products in need of more time, like skincare, foundation etc. I wrote them bask asking if this was correct, since this was not what I agreed to. And the answer was yes, they changed the time and that there was a misunderstanding.

Before the first box were send we were asked to choose what shade in foundation we wanted. They also wanted to know what type of color correcting we would like to try (to correct unevenness in our skin). As for our birthdays.

Expecting the first box

By now there were a few other Pink Birds that started a group on Instagram and I joined. This was really great because I got to know the other girls in the program and we could share our thoughts.

When the first box arrived I really felt like they wanted us to get products we might like and use. The color correcting of my choosing was mint, and the shade was the darkest one. I also got an eyeshadow with my zodiac sign on, which felt like a really nice touch.

So, the first box arrives and it felt special and I felt that I was chosen for this. There was a pamphlet that was pink, and everything looked really nice. Simply, I felt special and appreciated.

I will link to my unboxings further down.

This was actually the only time they asked us what our preferences were. After this box, we all were sent the same shades and versions (except for a mascara in February box). This might seem like a small thing, but when they are advertising some of their products as being fitted for people with blue or yellow undertones, I would expect them to want to give us the products they we might buy. This will of course be more beneficial for them. If you like how a product looks on you, you are more likely to give a good review on the product.

Boycott the brand Etude House
Boycott the brand Etude House

This was the good parts, now to the crappy parts

Never received the 6th box

Mainly the reason for being so disappointed with Etude House is for starters the lack of communication. They decided to stop the program after five boxes (for all of us) and without informing us about this. I have sent three emails myself asking about the last box, and no one is replying. We are several bloggers that wants to know what happened, and we have been writing many email. Still, no one is replying. In my last email to them I asked them to at least give my readers the respect and answer what happened to the last box. But nope, not even that helped.

When a company chooses to do this, they are acting like XXXX supposed to be a really bad word here, but I am not lowering myself at this moment.


They have been horrible in communicating with us at all. Sometimes they felt like answering our questions and sometimes they just didn’t bother or care. (that is how important we were). And this is my major problem with the brand. Communication in all versions has been so bad from their side.

Shipping the boxes

Some times before the boxes were shipped, we would receive an email, telling us the boxes are shipped and what was supposed to be in them, this was great because we could plan our posts in time (since we only had two weeks to do the reviews). Sometimes this email came after the box was already received (then not helping at all).

The inside of the box

The inside isn’t so much to talk about. Some products sucked and some were good. (link down below). They could have put in a little effort in giving us different products. I did feel somewhat like the product they decided to send, were the once that didn’t sell very good or that they needed promoted. Some products were even send twice.


This is something I am allergic to actually. We had a teacher in lower grades that used to give her favorite students presents in school, in front of everyone (we were 7). I simply felt that this is rude and disrespectful behavior. Etude House did just that, telling everybody that they had chosen two people who done a great job, and sent them a little extra. This is not a motivational booster for anyone, it is simply disrespectful of the rest of us. It doesn’t bother me that they choose two people, what bothers me is that they told everybody in the way they did.


Me as well as most of the other Pink bird members sent their review in on time every single month, we never received a thank you, nor any confirmation that they read or seen our posts at all.

These are just the points I dealt with, there are many more (when it comes to paying customs and shipping) that I don’t even talk about here since it never happened to me. But I will link the other Pink Bird posts on the topic further down.

I feel that we as bloggers spend so much time on writing good posts (or try to at least) fixing our photos, planning everything that the LEAST a company can do is answer emails and talk to the people they are supposed to work with. My time is also worth something. But obviously not to this brand. The whole program feels like a scam, they just want their name out there and they are hoping that we are not writing anything bad about them. But probably that is just a piss in the ocean for them (I don’t know if this is an expression any other country uses, but I am a Swede and here it is a saying). But that is how small one feels dealing with huge companies like this.

Everybody knows that in a relationship, no matter what kind, communication is everything. At least I can have the decency to say thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to try all theses products and paying for it with my time. And thank you for letting me know that respect doesn’t seem to go both ways.

I will not support a brand that behaves like this towards me or their customers and I will not recommend my readers to support a brand with this behavior towards people they are working with. What if it was a regular customer that paid for their products, what then?

When a big brand like Etude House behaves like an ostrich and sticks their head in the sand when there a topic they don’t want to deal with. It tells me a lot about the morals of the company and I will not support that.

I will still do reviews on the products I have from Etude House, and if I receive any new products as well, but I will not spend any money on their products, supporting their behavior.

So, Etude House, I am divorcing you

I give this company 0/7

Other Pink Birds thoughts on the program

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(I will update this list as soon as I have more posts for you)

My boxes from the program

January box (first box)

February box (second box)

March box (third box)

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  • I decided to boycott it after I went to their Makeup workshop at a polytechnic. The representative or female teacher whoever it was was really rude and demeaning. I know it’s not Etude house fault and it’s just the representative or NYP teacher who is a piece of shit but it does not change how I feel or view the brand. Even if I have hot pink member I will not buy anything anymore. Not even online.

    I once dreamed I’ll join their beauty activity in the future, but no thank you.

    Right now I hate Etude house to the point that I might start to dislike other Brand’s from amore pacific.

    • So sorry to hear of your experience. And I totally get the anger because when you represent a company you need to behave in a nice way to everybody. And if you don’t, the brand (company) really needs to teach them to behave or simply let them look for a new job. I still stick to my boycott and will continue to do so, no matter what product they releases.

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