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Globe event

Maria Åkerberg and Globe

I recently went to a small informative event in my hometown organized by a hairdresser salon called Globe.The salon work with 100 percent green products for example Maria Åkerberg and C/O Gerd which both have amazing products that are completely plant based.

Skincarisma; What is ingredient analysis

You probably always heard that one divide skin types into oily, combination, normal, dry or sensitive skin types. Truly it is really misleading since two people with oily skin types can still have the opposite reaction to the same product. So, dividing your skin into one of these categories are just the first step. To really know what you skin reacts to or like, you need to analyze the ingredients of your product. By doing this it is easy to see what product and ingredients your skin actually like. My skin for examples usually hates alcohol, and when there is a product I don’t like this is often the reason for it

Do I really need a cleanser?

skinfood milk point milkshake remover

Do I really need to cleanse and what happens If I don’t?
Your dead skin cells will basically start building up creating a hard surface on your skin and it will feel ruff and uneven. The skin wont absorbs any moisture, due to that everything is clogged up. This is also what happened to my skin (read my skin story), not that I didn’t wash, but that my skin was so dry and I didn’t know how much I really needed to exfoliate (just because of my dry skin). So everything I put on just stayed on top. Nothing would penetrate my dry surface.

The double cleansing method

innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleanser

Basically it is as it sounds, cleansing twice. This is a great way of getting you face really clean.

How many are using, one cleanser, and then a toner on a cotton pad. Then you look at the cotton pad, is it clean? No, most often it is not. What people, including me (before Korean skincare was all on my brain) did, was using toner as your last step. Korean toners are so much more than that and should not be used as a last cleansing of the residue step. You can read about Korean toners here 

My Korean skincare routine

My Korean skincare routine

My morning skincare routine April 2016 1.     Innisfree olive real cleansing foam or Banila Co clean it zero 2.     Holika Holika 3 second starter in Collagen 3.     Etude House moistfull collagen toner 4.     Missha first treatment essence 5.     Hada Labo hyaluronic acid 6.     Innisfree green tea seed serum 7.     Ost C20 serum 8.     The Skin …

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