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Etude House O-le-mong one shot sherbet cleanser review

Etude House O-le-mong one shot sherbet cleanser

This product is a sherbet cleanser and simply it is an oil cleanser, in the form of thicker paste instead of liquid oil. I just love using oil cleansers, they really get my face clean and if you haven’t tried an oil cleanser before I really recommend you to try one. When I first opened this jar, I was really surprised by the strong scent. It has a really strong citrus scent.

The Face shop Rice water bright cleansing oil, just an amazing product: review

The face shop Rice Water Bright

I’ve heard so much about this one before I decided to buy it. It is an oil cleanser and it does a wonderful job in removing the makeup on the skin. I do have a huge issue with this one and that is that it is super strong scented. I have a really sensitive nose, when it comes to smell and I usually prefer my products to be non-scented or very lightly scented. This will actually be the reason and only reason for me not to buy this product again.

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