• The Skin house wrinkle eye cream
    Eye Skincare,  Favorites

    Skin House wrinkle eye cream plus: review

    This is one of my favorite eye cream I have ever tried. It does an amazing job in keeping my under-eye area moist and happy. Which in turn makes my eyes look younger and more awake. There isn’t often I wished I didn’t have the urge to try more and new products, but in this case, I wished I could stick with this one forever

  • Whamisa organic flowers eye essence
    Eye Skincare

    Whamisa organic flowers eye essence review

    I really can’t say that I think it does magic for my under-eye area and I really don’t expect any eye cream to do magic despite on what they “claim”. If an under eye area is moisturized it will look way better then if it is dry. The lines will simply appear smaller when your skin is happier. If this one helps you then keep on using it. I just don’t think we are supposed to expect miracles from a product no matter the price…

  • Mizon snail repair eye cream
    Eye Skincare

    Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream review

    This eye cream feels really nice on my skin. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling on my skin. The cream is light and it doesn’t feel that I have a ton of product under my eyes. Eye creams are always difficult to test. I usually think that if I like the way my under eye area look, then I like the cream. If it feels sticky, tacky or plumping my eyes, I don’t tend to like it.

  • Mizon collagen firming eye cream
    Eye Skincare,  Not for me

    Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream review

    This eye cream is really moisturizing. If you have dry areas around your eyes, this might be perfect for you. This is the only product I can say is actually too moisturizing for me. I do see a difference after applying this, but I do think it is simply because the area is really moist. A shiny surface looks smoother than a surface that is dry. I also feel that it plumps my eyes somewhat and make them puffy (and I really don’t like that).