• Missha the style 4d mascara
    Eye Makeup

    Missha The Style 4D mascara review

    This is the first Korean mascara I have tried and this one was really cheap so I thought I give it a try. This mascara doesn’t clump, which is a big hurray. It also is really black in application. It is easy to build layers with it, but I tend to use one or two layers the most, since I am looking for a natural result in all of my makeup. If I go out, I might add some false lashes instead, to get a…

  • Clio Kill Brown waterproof eyeliner
    Eye Makeup,  Favorites

    Clio Kill Brown waterproof eyeliner

    This is my favorite liner of all time, I have tried a few and I always come back to this one. I often use eyeliner as tight lining (to make my lashes look fuller) and as a thin line on my eyelid. I have hooded eyes (which mean that I have skin falling down on my eyes) so if I use to heavy eyeliner. The only thing you see is a line, which is not what I prefer.

  • Etude House play color eyes
    Eye Makeup

    Etude House Play Color Eyes in Cherry Blossom review

    This palette has the perfect spring and summer colors. It really gets me in a summer mood just looking at it. The palette consists of a mix between matte, shimmery and glittery colors, so you can really make a lot of different looks using it. I am not a makeup artist so I will not show you any looks made with this palette, since I do feel that there are those who would do a much better job in showing you that. But I will…

  • Etude House tint my 4-tip brow
    Eye Makeup,  Favorites

    Etude House Tint My 4-tip brow in dark brown review

    I was really surprised by this product, I actually really like it. I only use a tiny amount because I really don’t like the look of overdrawn eyebrows. The overdrawn look or the Instagram look started in the drag business. Simply for guys to look more feminine. To me, the overdrawn eyebrow looks weird (on me) and unnatural and is simply not for me. But it might look good on you, and if you are liking it, keep it up. It is only makeup and…

  • Holika Holika wonder drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow
    Eye Makeup,  Favorites

    Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow review

    This one is quite hard and can be somewhat harsh if you are filling in a lot. It lasts the whole day on me.  The pigmentation is good and really the only thing I might complain about is the hardness. Fixing once eye brows really make a huge difference. It opens up the whole face. The result of the application is really natural and if you don’t overdo the filling, the result is really great.

  • Etude House super slim eyeliner
    Eye Makeup,  Products not working for me

    Etude House super slim eyeliners

    This pencil is really thin and I feel that it is quite hard to work with just because the pencil is so thin. When applied on the waterline it is not completely black, more grayish and I do feel that it is not very smooth. I very seldom use a black liner, since my eyes are hooded It can sometimes look like I only wear eyeliner it I use the black once. But I do use them mainly for tight lining for a fuller look…

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