• 6 Amazing foundations for dry and mature skin
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    6 Amazing foundations for dry and mature skin

    If you have dry or mature (or both) skin you probably experience some difficulties in finding a really nice foundation or BB cream. The struggles might be that the product settles in your lines or clings to dry patches. Or if you have really dry skin like me, you might experience discomfort in using facial makeup. But that doesn't mean that there isn't a product for you out there it just means that you haven't found it yet.

  • Cetaphil face moisturizer
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    Cetaphil face moisturizer review

    This cream comes in a tube but you can also find it in a pump bottle. I do think this version is discontinued but you can still find a version of this one. The new version is called Intensive moisturizing cream. I have read that people do find them different but there is only one ingredient that differs so I guess I have to try that one as well and see what my thoughts are.