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Maria Åkerberg Hair conditioner Licorice review

Maria Åkerberg Hair conditioner Licorice

conditioner used to be called Fennel and Rosemary but they changed the name to Licorice since the Fennel makes in smell like Licorice. The smell to me is ok, but not overwhelming. I do not really like any of the smells on Maria Åkerberg’s products because they all have an herb like smell and to me it is just overwhelming.

Maria Åkerberg Shampoo Lemongrass review

Maria Åkerberg Shampoo Lemongrass

This is an organic and sulphate free shampoo so you need to wash your hair twice to get your hair clean. The first wash is basically to clean the scalp and remove products you been adding to your hair, and the second step truly cleans the hair. You will see a difference in the amount of lather between the first and second time you wash.

Jumiso Helloskin sheet mask Rich Nourishment

Helloskin Jumiso sheet mask Rich Nourishment

The mask fits well, it is a little bit on the larger size and the eye sockets are large as well. Which suites us with bigger eyes😊.

The essence is clear and quite fluid. It has some smell but nothing overwhelming. The mask will last a long time on the skin, so I usually wear my masks longer than the 20 minutes. I wore this for 40 minutes and the mask was still moist when I removed it.

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