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First impression Missha Magic Cushion

Missha magic bb cushion

Missha Magic Cushion Ohhhh I like this, mmm Missha. I truly have nothing negative to say about this product at all. The case is looking nice and a little bit more on the classy side. The coverage is really great, as of the perfect cover BB cream. Not strong scented, yeahaaa I do prefer products that don’t …

Benton snail bee high content essence first impression

Benton snail bee high content essence

What is that smell, is it sweat, o my. Is it me?  Hmmm no its not. WHAT. My minds are playing the same tricks on me every single time I use this product. I pump it out in my palms, rub them together, and as soon as I apply it a smell sweat. And just as quickly the smell is gone. I do know it isn’t me because I smelled my armpits more than once after applying this and I still have the same feeling or smell about it. I gross you out don’t I? Please tell me that we are more out there, tell me I am not alone with this weird feeling.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about first impression on this. It feels really nice on my skin and that is about it. I can’t say anything about my wrinkles yet, or I am not really expecting it to do anything about them.

First impression A’pieu air fit cushion

A'pieu air fit cushion 03

When applying it feels really wet, and I don’t think the puff is that great. Not when comparing to Etude House puffs. I do notice that it doesn’t seem to set on my face. I can keep on blending until I go nuts. And if it doesn’t set I will definitely need a powder on top, because I don’t like a sticky face. The finish is dewy and doesn’t leave any grey undertones, yeay. It does feel really nice on the skin, and it doesn’t dry me out. I do not think it is a cushion to use in very warm climates or during summertime, since it doesn’t seem to set.

First impression of A’pieu bal cheek

A'pieu bal cheek

Hmmmm is there actually product in here. The tube is really large and you have to press a lot to get any product out at all. I think they could have made the tube half the size and it would be more manageable. The smell is there; it actually reminds me of school glue. And again, scented blush is just so unnecessary, I am never going to understand why everything needs to be scented, I really do prefer my products to be without smell. But that is in my perfect little world.

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