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First impression on Nature republic tinted CC cream

Nature republic tinted CC cream

I always get a weird feeling when testing something that has one shade. Usually it never matches me, and I was really expecting this one to be very light. But I was so wrong. The shade is really great, and matches me perfectly (I am usually a 23 or a little darker then that) and it is very unusual to find a Korean CC cream with a tone that matches me.

Oh no, Baviphat baby cheek cream blush is really putting my mood down

Baviphat baby cheek in Baby pink

It is supposed to be a blush in a pretty packaging, but what I see is just pretty packaging. When you squeeze out the product it has a sheer lavender tone to it, and then you blend it in and the color just simply vanishes. By vanish I mean, I don’t see it at all. It I apply several layers on top of each other, there might be a tiny tint of color. But seriously this is one of the worst products I have ever tried.

First impression,Oh Yes, I like you a lot Mr Nature Republic collagen BB cream

Nature republic collagen BB cream

I love this one, when I first applied it my skin looked really amazing and I thought directly, this one I just have to get.

When first applying, it has a bit of grey in it and it looked like it was not going to match me. But after a short time, it actually blends very well with my skin tone. I would actually call this a perfect match. I am Caucasian but darker in my skin tone, so usually a 23 or mixing 23 with 27 (Missha perfect cover BB)

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