• 7 facts about hyaluronic acid
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    7 facts on Hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid is an acid produced by your body and located in-between your skin cells. When you are younger your skin will have a high level of hyaluronic acid. Basically, one can explain it as a molecule that helps the skin to bind water. When the skin has a high level of hyaluronic acid the skin looks even, bright and elastic.

  • What is a sleeping mask
    What is that?

    5 reasons you should start using a sleeping mask

    When a lot of people think about a facial mask they think about clay masks, peel off masks, scrub masks or sheet masks. But there is one more group of masks that are not as well known as the rest and that is sleeping masks. Sleeping masks is basically a cream that you add as a last step and most often when you skin is in need of that extra moisture.

  • How to determine your skin type
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    How to determine your skin type | The best guide

    If you want the best skincare products for your skin it is absolutely important to know what your skin type is. This doesn't mean that you will never have acne or any other skincare issues if you just follow the recommendations for your skin type. It simply means that you get the best looking skin you can possibly get.

  • What is a cushion foundation
    What is that?

    What is a cushion foundation?

    Cushion foundations has been around for quite some time now (starting in South Korea) and there really isn't anything strange about them. So if you haven't tried one yet it is absolutely time that you do.

  • What are BB creams featured
    What is that?

    What is a BB cream?

    The first BB creams were created by dermatologists in South Korea in 1985 and the purpose was to treat and protect the skin after skin surgery. Not only to hide the marks but also to treat the skin. Celebrities started using them due to that the skin looked flawless and natural and then it began.